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(a.k.a. all about me)

The Writing Life

Deirdre MartinNew York Times Bestselling Author Deirdre Martin was six when she wrote her first "book,”a Peanuts parody. In addition to penning bad, maudlin poetry in junior high school and serving as the Arts Editor on her high school newspaper, she was also the Arts Editor at her college newspaper at the University of New York at Buffalo, where she earned her BA in English in 1985. While writing for the student newspaper there, she sold her first freelance magazine article and won a city wide play writing contest. Her play, Spin Cycle, about two lonely people at a laundromat, was subsequently performed in a theater space in downtown Buffalo.

Ater graduating college, Deirdre worked at a series of trade magazines before landing a job at Soap Opera Digest. While she says it was fun working in a place where she got to watch TV all afternoon, she longed to branch out, and after two years, left to begin freelancing full time. Over the course of her twelve year freelance career, her work appeared in a wide variety of publications, including Seventeen, YM, McCall's, Fitness, New Woman, Bride's, Bridal Guide, Inside Sports, Woman's World, Modern Maturity, Islands, Newsday, and the New York Times. In 1998, her first non fiction book was published: Investing for Retirement (Avon). She also contributed to Lifescripts for Managers, Lifescripts for Employees, and Lifescripts for the Self Employed. (MacMillan, 1999).

A fan of the romance genre and of soap opera ("If Dickens were alive today, he'd be writing for a soap," Deirdre maintains), she decided to try her own hand at writing a romance novel. The result, BODY CHECK, was published in March, 2003, followed by USA Today Bestseller FAIR PLAY in 2004, TOTAL RUSH in 2005, THE PENALTY BOX in 2006, and USA Today Bestseller CHASING STANLEY in 2008.

2008 also saw the publication of JUST A TASTE, which made The New York Times Bestseller List. Deirdre returned to the world of the Blades in 2009 with POWERPLAY. 2009 was also when she launched a new series, The Wild Hart Saga, centering around a large Irish American family who own a pub in Manhattan. The first book in the series, WITH A TWIST, was quickly followed by STRAIGHT UP in 2010, and there are plans for at least two more. But the New York Blades keep calling her back: her next book, ICEBREAKER, will be published in 2011.

A resident of Ithaca, NY, Deirdre enjoys hiking and biking with her husband, Mark Levine, co author of the financial bestsellers, Die Broke and Live Rich. When not busy lavishing affection on her beloved Newfie, Rocky, she also enjoys reading, baking, listening to music, yoga, photography, and hanging out with her friends from acting class. She's had the same best friend since she was ten and adores the color purple.


The Non Writing Life

Iím a rabid Anglophile. Blame my father: in 1975 he was accepted for a Fulbright Teaching Exchange, and my family moved to Manchester, England for a year. We traveled the UK and the Continent extensively, and by the time we came home, we all thought Britannia ruledóand still do.

I love rock-n-roll. However, I am of the firm belief that the Supreme God of all music is Bob Dylan. My tastes extend beyond rock n-roll, thankfullyóI love Big Band music, especially stuff from the WWII era, as well as singers like Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday. I also have a fondness for pure pop junk like Abba, and well crafted pop, especially if itís written by Burt Bacharach or Elvis Costello. My current passion is Flight of the Conchords.

My husband and I have been married nineteen years. Heís a writer, too, and co-author of the best sellers DIE BROKE and SECOND ACTS. We are "parents" to a Newf named Rocky. Iím a bit of a spiritual seeker and am fascinated by what draws people to different spiritual paths. Iíve attended Wiccan midsummer festivals, meditated with Tibetan monks, (Believe it or not, the only Tibetan Monastery in the West is here in Ithaca) and every year, at the end of the summer, I rent a small cottage on the grounds of a Benedictine Monastery and just completely unwind for a week, far from phones and civilization. Itís a great way to recharge oneís creative batteries.

Iím a firm believer in ďgiving backĒ to the community in which I live. From 1992-94, I volunteered at a soup kitchen, and from 1995-1998 I was a literacy volunteer. Right now, Iím mentoring a terrific little girl named Kadejah.

Mark and I deliberately chose Ithaca, New York, as the place we wanted to live. In 1998, Ithaca was voted “Most Enlightened City” by Utne Reader. It’s an extremely eclectic place, though it can be maddeningly politically correct. (My standard joke about Ithaca is that when you move here, the Welcome Wagon brings you tofu and Birkenstocks. As you might imagine, I often find myself wanting to parade down the street eating a hamburger while wearing a fur coat, just to see what happens.) Not only is Ithaca close enough to NYC that we can travel there by car if we need to, but it has lots of natural beauty, which is great since we like to hike and bike. There’s also a vibrant cultural life here, thanks in part to Cornell University and Ithaca College.

I love learning new things, and taking classes. (Another thing Cornell is good for). Right now Iím involved in the Actorís Workshop of Ithaca, and loving it.

What Else?
  • I’ve had the same best friend since I was ten. Her name is Jane and she’s my rock.
  • The only sport I can stand watching is ice hockey.
  • I do yoga three times a week.
  • I do eat meat.
  • My favorite artists are Frida Kahlo, Man Ray, and Edward Burne Jones.
  • My favorite writers are Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Philips, Joyce Carol Oates, Fay Weldon, Maureen Howard, Salman Rushdie, Edna O’Brien, and David Sedaris.
  • My desert island disk would be Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks”.
  • I’d like to learn to rollerblade, read tarot cards, and play the guitar.
  • I’m a pretty fab Aunt. (Just ask my nieces Aine and Sinead).
  • I love the beach, especially in winter when no one else is there.
  • I adore silver jewelry.
  • I’m a kick ass cook.
  • Purple is my favorite color.
  • I believe Elvis is dead.
  • My personal motto is one coined by Sir Winston Churchill: “Never give in—never, never, never, never. In nothing great or small, large or petty. Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

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